SCOPUS: check your profile

Yesterday we played “let’s see who has the bigger h-index” with a couple of colleagues. We decided to use Scopus (well, the free version of it) because it gives more conservative results wrt to Google Scholar. Also,  Scopus may be used for assessing the quality of research, and I can easily imagine a reviewer looking for my profile if I submit a proposal or a paper.

I was a bit surprised to discover that I do not appear in Scopus:

There is a Raimondi Francesco Maria with publications in Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, and additional areas that I cannot see because I do not have a Scopus account.

This is strange: I’m sure some of my publications should appear here (some of them are with Elsevier!), I have a Google Scholar Profile and it is more or less accurate.

I decided to contact the helpdesk using the “Live Chat” option. This was quite useful as I discovered a website to “fix” these issues:

 The process is quite boring, but at least I could find my papers: they are listed under Raimondi Francesco Maria. I had to scroll the whole list of publications and manually select those that are mine. I have done this yesterday afternoon, I am not listed as a separate author yet, but hopefully someone is on the case…

So, to sum up: check your profile on Scopus.

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