07 July: Reguisheim to Schleinikon

20160707_091220Today I cycled in three countries: France, Germany, Switzerland. The first 15 km from Reguisheim to Mulhouse are along a straight, flat D road and they are not too exciting. Around Mulhouse I joined the path along the Rhone - Rhine canal. This path is fantastic, and indeed it was full of cyclists. As Wikipedia says, this is a very important canal as it creates a connection between the Mediterranean and the North Sea.


I then followed other minor canals in the direction of Basel. Before reaching Switzerland I had to enter Germany, with its very distinctive border: it has a D on top.


Just a few km in Germany and then I crossed another bridge over the Rhine to finally enter Switzerland in Basel (50 km).

20160707_144805 20160707_150739

I followed more or less the Rhine for the rest of the day until Koblentz. The route here is very good in many parts, but I think I did not plan well and I took some roads with a bit too much traffic, so don’t follow my trace exactly but try to look for veloroute number 2 on http://www.veloland.ch.

After Koblentz I followed veloroute 60 to Schleinikon, where I met Ettore and Aitor (rom tomorrow I won’t be alone and I will cycle with them to Italy). Route 60 crosses Swiss vineyards and the landscape becomes more and more “Swiss”…

20160707_152458 20160707_161413 20160707_133112

This is the trace: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1245309215


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