I am the module leader for the third year option “Testing and Verification”. All the material is available in Moodle. Please contact me if you have additional questions about this. I have worked at the first year of BSc Computer Science. If you are curious about the structure of this programme, please have a look at the following paper:

  • K.Androutsopoulos, N. Gorogiannis, M. Loomes, M. Margolis, G. Primiero, F. Raimondi, P. Varsani, N. Weldin, A.Zivanovic, A Racket-Based Robot to Teach First-Year Computer Science, in Proceedings of the 7th European Lisp Symposium, ELS 2014 (pdf)

If you are a Final Year students (third year of Master student) looking for a project, please send me an email to arrange a meeting, or come to my office during office hours.


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