I am the First Year tutor for Computer Science. All the material is available in Moodle. Please contact me if you have additional questions about this. If you are curious about the structure of this programme, please have a look at the following paper:

  • K.Androutsopoulos, N. Gorogiannis, M. Loomes, M. Margolis, G. Primiero, F. Raimondi, P. Varsani, N. Weldin, A.Zivanovic, A Racket-Based Robot to Teach First-Year Computer Science, in Proceedings of the 7th European Lisp Symposium, ELS 2014 (pdf)

I am also teaching part of the Second Year module “Software Development”. All the material is available in Moodle, but you can have a look at my blog if you are interested in additional topics.

If you are a Final Year students (third year of Master student) looking for a project, please send me an email to arrange a meeting, or come to my office during office hours.


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