Cycling: from London to Italy 2016

I really loved cycling from London to Dervio (Italy) in 2014 and so I decided to do it again. This time I will try to cycle from London to Termoli, which is further South, at the border with Apulia. I will leave on the first of July, in support of Get Kids Going! Use this page to make a donation:

This is more or less the itinerary:

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.42.19I will cycle alone to Zurich and there I’ll meet two friends and we will then cycle together in Italy. Keep an eye on this page if you want to know more, I will try to post updates as I cycle.

These are the stages that I have planned:

  1. London to Dover and then ferry to Calais
  2. Calais – Tournai
  3. Tournai – Givet
  4. Givet – Boismont
  5. Boismont – Luneville
  6. Luneville – Renguisheim
  7. Renguisheim - Schleinikon
  8. Schleinikon – Chur
  9. Chur – Dervio
  10. Dervio – Brescia
  11. Brescia – Revere
  12. Revere – Ravenna
  13. Ravenna – Senigallia
  14. Senigallia – Tolentino
  15. Tolentino – Pescara
  16. Pescara – Termoli