Research Interests

In my research I apply logic-based methods to the formal verification of complex and critical systems. I am interested in model checking, in particular for extensions of temporal logic and for multi-agent systems. I usually try to implement tools to support my research, making them available. Please have a look at the Software section of this site for more details and at the web site of the Middlesex Applied Software Engineering research group, which I am currently coordinating.

I have collaborated with a number of people, including (in random order):
Charles Pecheur (now at UCL Louvain), Guillaume Brat and Neha Rungta (NASA Ames), Leo Liberti (LIX, Ecole Polytechnique), Alexander von Rhein and Sven Apel (University of Passau), Antinisca di Marco (University of L’Aquila), Cecilia Mascolo (Cambridge), Mirco Musolesi (Birmingham). See my publications page for a more up-to-date and comprehensive list of co-authors.