03 July: Tournai to Givet


B&B in Tournai

Today I started cycling along Belgian canals. After leaving the B&B and crossing Tournai (pave’) I followed cycle paths along canals for 45 Km. Initially the views were industrial, but they gradually turned into rural.


After reaching Mons I used mostly cycling paths and very minor roads:


Sometimes you need to be careful.


The mandatory self portrait in the fields


Additional bucolic shots

After reaching Beaumont first and Philippeville next, both on top of a hill, I started a long descent to Givet. This meant crossing once more the border between Belgium and France. In the following picture notice how different is the experience this time, if compared to the one of yesterday when I entered Belgium: here on top of the road sign you read “France” instead of the letter “B”. Similarly to yesterday, no visa required.


Givet is a small French town in the Champagne-Ardenne region, on the river Meuse, just a couple of km from the border.


Even if the temperature is low, rarely above 20 C, it is important to remain idrated. I tend to use the following sport drinks:


As usual, this is the trace: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1239592777

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