24 July: Ensisheim to Zurich

14061837345750A relatively easy day today, no rain but a bit too hot for me after 10:30 am. I left just before 7 am and the sun was already shining.  Yesterday night I  had a great French dinner with excellent wine from Alsace.  This is a short video that I took this morning 15 mins after starting;

After less than 20 km I met a guy who was  commuting to work to Basel (!) and he offered me to keep his wheel. As a result, between 20 and 40 km I kept an average of nearly 30 km/h!

At km 40 I said bye bye to the guy and I had my first snack of the day. Through a number of cycle path I entered Switzerland and the Germany for 10 km. I then re – entered Switzerland and the road began to go up and down, with a long climb to nearly 600 m at km 90.

Some typically Swiss landscape today, even if I still prefer the Vosges. I was hoping for a flatter day, but I cannot complain too much. This is the usual trace, in case you are interested (a couple of pictures below).