Mc-COGWED is a prototype implementation of a model checker for the logic COGWED (a COmputationally Grounded wEighted Doxastic logic).

It is implemented in Java and requires antlr (the antlr library is provided as part of the download below). Simply download the file below, extract it and run ant to compile. To run, use something similar to the following (change the file name to your file name):

java -cp ./:lib/antlr-4.1-complete.jar:./build cogwedmc.CogwedMC examples/cards/cards10.cwm “B[>0.99](2, not agent1_has_card1)”

The source distribution below contains generators for the card example and for the dining cryptographers example described in our AAMAS 2014 paper.

Download Mc-COGWED from here

Please contact me if you have additional questions!